FAISALABAD – Dental News in Collaboration with The University of FAISALABAD organized the 1st International Women’s Dental Conference at the University of Faisalabad, Faisalabad on the 10th to 12th April 2015. The theme of the conference was, “Women in Dentistry, the Trend Setters”

The conference aimed at promoting the emerging role of female dentists in Pakistan and created awareness among them of the potential that awaits them. This initiative was to acknowledge the progress women have made in the field of dentistry and to encourage more women to join this discipline.

In total, over 700 delegates attended the event from all over Pakistan. At least 100 senior faculty members from various colleges/universities made their way to Faisalabad, including the Principal, Vice Principals and Heads of the Departments. More the 350 house officers and PG students also attended the conference.

Dental News, Pakistan’s premium dentistry news media outlet was the exclusive media partner of the event.

Channel 92, a leading emerging international television channel also took special interest in promoting and creating awareness of the 1st International Women Dental Conference.


Chief Guest

The HEC chairman, Prof Mukhtar who was the chief guest at the concluding ceremony of the 1st International Women Dental Conference in Faisalabad urgent the women to join the workforce and utilize their education in building the Nation.

Prof Mukhtar appreciated the efforts of the organizers and said that it is a good beginning that women are made aware of their true potential as they are in no way a lesser equal. He also mentioned about the women scientists conference in Malaysia where he was one of the organizers.

Commenting on the ever growing females in the medical and dental schools he urged the women to take initiative and make use of the skills they learn over a period of four years and should practice as dentistry is less demanding when compared to medicine.

International Speakers

2 prestigious international speakers were requested to speak at the event, namely Dr Elizabeth Kay, who presented her lecture in the scientific session through a video link; and Dr Ninette Banday, renowned implantologist and dental mogul from the UAE.

Local Speakers

A number of prominent female dental surgeons were invited to present their lectures during the Scientific Session of the 1st International Women’s Dental Conference. Among the speakers were Prof Dr Tasleem Hosein, Prof Dr. Abida Ejaz, Col (R) Dr Iffat Batool, Dr Azmat Mumtaz, Dr Iffat Batool, and Prof Shamim Akhtar.

Scientific Session Topics

The Scientific Session of the 1st International Women’s Dental Conference covered an extensive range of topics pertaining to the field of dentistry. The Lecture topics were selected on the basis of fields of prominent interest in dentistry and important discussions which are necessary to be undertaken in the context of improved dental clinical practice and practice management. The Scientific Session lectures included topics such as Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry, Implantology, Orthodontics (Fixed & clear), Endodontics, Pain Management, Women Entrepreneurship, Beyond Dentistry, Career counselling & more.


Four workshops were organized in accompaniment of the scientific sessions’ lectures at the conference. The workshops were designed to provide hands-on training of skills relevant to the following four dental disciplines; Aesthetic Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry, Current Trends in Implants, and New Trends in Orthodontics.

Several competitions were organized in the duration of the conference in order to maximize interactive energy and encourage spirit of participation and healthy competition. The competitions organized for the participants of the conference included a Naat Competition, a Poster Competition, Table Clinics, a dress Competition, a research Competitions for PG Students, a Presentation Skills Competition, and a Quiz Competition.


The event was of keen interest for regional managers of Pharmaceutical & allied organizations as well. The first International Women’s Dental Conference of Pakistan was sponsored by Pharmatec, Colgate, Shield, Pfizer, ClearPath Orthodontics, Fabnos International, 3M, and Kansai Paints. Sponsors set up their stalls at the venue of the event for the duration of the conference.


The conference drew to a close after three days of energetic activities, scientific sessions, workshops, and a lot of fun. At the closing ceremony, shields were presented to the Chief Guest HEC Chairman Prof Mukhtar, the Principal of The University of Faisalabad, and the designated speakers, workshop hosts, organizers and sponsors of this prodigious event.


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