Who Are We?



Women are increasingly dominating the dental colleges of Pakistan in overwhelming numbers, making up over 75% of the student population. Our mission is to empower them to steadily dominate the professional field of dentistry as well.

In recent years, concern about under-representation of women in the fields of Pak medicine and dentistry has been noted, motivated by the growing shortage of medical and dental professionals in Pakistan. It has been speculated by officials as well as the general population of Pakistan that young women tend to opt for these education fields simply to obtain the degree but never use it. This opinion has propagated various demeaning and discouraging stereotypes about female dental students as well as female dentists. We are here to prove these stereotypes wrong.

We as women are equally equipped and capable of creating flourishing, successful and notable imprints in the field of dentistry and its many adjacent career departments and avenues. WDC began as a platform to highlight the achievements of women in dentistry, which has swiftly grown into the creation of a digital community that brings together and celebrates all the endeavors of women dental professionals all over Pakistan and internationally.



Our mission is to encourage, motivate and inspire women everywhere to leap into the professional field of dentistry in any capacity, and leave a lasting imprint of their accomplishments.

We are inspired by powerful female icons and empowered female individuals that strive to make waves in the community and the greater world with even the smallest of their efforts, simply because they believe in the power of their actions and steps.

Our goal is to motivate young women dentists and dental professionals to take charge of their own professional futures in some way or another and build fulfilling careers for themselves and improve the community around them. One of our inspirations is the enigmatic Meghan Markle, and the words she spoke as a Women’s Rights Advocate on behalf of UN Women.



We are reformers, news bringers, event organizers, and platform providers. We are here to empower you, and facilitate you in your academic and professional pursuits, and to inspire you to take your career journeys to new heights and connect with women just like you, in your field, all across Pakistan as well as around the world.

From details of the prominent International Women’s Dental Conference, to dedicated scientific sessions and workshops, to exclusive interviews with inspirations female dental icons, WDC is the one-stop platform for all female dentists and dental students of Pakistan.