Dr Azmat Mumtaz (Karachi):

Dr Azmat Mumtaz completed her MCPS in Operative Dentistry from College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan and certificate in Orthodontics from the United States. With a plethora of professional clinical and academic experiences under her belt, she is now Assistant Professor at the Department of Operative Dentistry at Altamash Institute of Dental Medicine.

Dr Azmat gave a riveting talk on the central topic of the conference; Women as Torch Bearers in Practice Management. Dr Azmat’s empowering lecture was all about how women must not underestimate their strengths and capabilities in this profession, and although it is currently dominated by men, women are swiftly rising up the ranks and infiltrating the clinical, academic, and research fields of this prodigious profession. She gave remarkable examples from her own life and the lives of many of the most acclaimed women in dentistry, to emphasise that life hurdles as well as professional hurdles can be overcome, and that the key is to never give up. Dr Azmat further discussed the diversity and multitude of options available to pursue in this field, and advised that the young women dentists of Pakistan explore the various options and realise that they are capable of doing anything they set their minds to.

Dr Ninette Banday (UAE):

Dr. Ninette Banday originally hails from Pakistan, and has amassed credentials from Liaquat Medical and Dental College, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Harvard School of Dental Health, and Women’s Hospital Boston Massachusetts. After accumulating a wealth of experience from Aga Khan University Hospital Karachi, she then continued to expand dental facilities for Ambulatory Health Care services and established internship, residency, and training programs in both Karachi and Abu Dhabi. She is renowned for her experience and active accomplishments in the field of implantology.

Dr Ninette delivered an extremely informative and useful lecture on the importance of addressing the infection control demands of a dental clinic setting. She explained the various ways through which dentists often overlook some critically important infection control procedures, how dentists can minimize the risk of disease transmission from person to person, and how dentists can better protect themselves and their parents from the risk of infectious microorganisms.

Dr Rubina Mumtaz (Islamabad):  

Dr Rubina Mumtaz, originally a BDS graduate from Khyber College of Dentistry, travelled to the United States to attain her Master’s in Public Health, and returned back to Pakistan to organize and run her own NGO which is dedicated to protecting and improving the state of public health for women in Pakistan. Additionally, she is also a practitioner of general dentistry and is currently the Head of Department of Community Dentistry at Islamabad Medical & Dental College.

Dr Rubina Mumtaz’s lecture was based on professional burnout, tailored particularly for dental professionals. She explained what professional burnout is, when dentists experience it and why, and what the implications of experiencing early professional burnout are, including its impact on professional, personal, and social aspects of a dentist’s life. She then went on to explain various ways and methods in which dentists, particularly female dentists of Pakistan, can avoid undergoing professional burnout and maintain a healthy, balanced professional and personal schedule.

Dr Sara Altamash (Karachi):  

Dr Sara Altamash experienced a life largely surrounded by the world of dentistry, and she was thus inspired to accumulate a great number of accolades in this immersive profession. She completed her Doctor of Dental Medicine from Boston University USA, and her Masters in Orthodontics from University of Pennsylvania, where she remained as a clinical Associate Professor as well.

Dr Sara spoke on the feminization of dentistry, and its subsequent insinuations on the profession as a whole in Pakistan. Dr Sara discussed the steadily growing rates with which young women of Pakistan are joining dental universities to obtain dental degrees, yet the majority of them tend to cease practising soon afterwards. She discussed why this trend has been observed, and what could be done to change it. In her convincing and informative talk, Dr Sara explained the many ways in which women can remain tied to the profession of dentistry while simultaneously also pursue their personal life and family goals. She also discussed how women in dentistry have begun to alter the clinical and research topography of the field of dentistry and acknowledged and appreciated how women are contributing to this scientific field.

Dr Saima Chudhury (Lahore):  

Dr Saima Chaudhry has obtained a PhD in Oral Pathology followed by a Masters in Medical Education. She has published an extensive and diverse range of scientific papers, presented at numerous conferences, and conducted a number of dental clinical workshops. She is currently Assistant Professor at the Department of Oral Pathology at the University of Health Sciences, Lahore.

Dr Saima gave a most memorable and enjoyable lecture regarding the work-life balance of women dentists in Pakistan. She elaborated on how a number of female dentists often sacrifice their budding careers in order to start a family, however she emphasized that it does not have to be an “either – or” situation; women can indeed have it all. She further discussed that for working mothers in the field of dentistry, it is highly possible to achieve the perfect balance between work and family time without having to make great sacrifices in either aspect of life. Giving illustrious and illuminating examples from her own personal life and the lives of other extremely successful female dentists of Pakistan, Dr Saima helped the audience understand her point in a most convincing and humorous manner. Her talk was greatly inspirational to young women dentists of Pakistan who had been fighting in internal battle to choose between career and family, as well as to those working women dentists who have families and struggle to achieve a work-life balance.

Dr Urooj Mumtaz (Karachi):

Dr Urooj completed her BDS from Fatimah Jinnah Dental College, after which she obtained her further education from the University of Sheffield UK. Alongside being a lecturer and practitioner at Khan’s Dental Institute and Khan’s Dental Clinic, she has also remained the captain of the Pakistan Women’s Cricket Team for 4 years.

Dr Urooj Mumtaz gave a most innovative lecture on a unique Italian style of practicing dentistry called the Style Italiano recipe for daily success in dentistry.